Social Media Handles

Below are social media channels which applicants should follow, based on the directions given, in order to participate in Stage Two and also keep informed on updates/notices.

Please note that in order to perform the operations successfully;
1. Applicants must have accounts in each of the social media channels (and be logged in)
2. A computer should be used (desktop or laptop)

Referenced pictures can be viewed to aid understanding.


Visit this link and click on the follow button.


Visit this link and click on the follow button.


Click here

Locate the Follow button (see picture) and click on it so that it displays options like this (see picture)

Click on “See First” (see picture), and then the Follow button (see picture) should finally look like this (see picture)


Click here

Click on the red “SUBSCRIBE” button (see picture)

The button should change to “SUBSCRIBED” (see picture), else refresh the page

Click on the Bell icon (see picture) beside the “SUBSCRIBED” button so that it changes to this (see picture).


Visit this link on a computer (not mobile phone)

Click on the Menu Icon (see picture) [the three dots beside the blue “Connect” button] to reveal the Menu items (see picture)

Click on Follow (see picture), so that it changes to this (see picture)


Visit this link

Locate (see picture) and click on the Like button (see picture)

Click on Following (see picture) to reveal the options

Select “See First” (see picture) under “IN YOUR NEWS FEED”

Also select “All On” under NOTIFICATIONS

Click on the messenger button (see picture)

Click on Get Started (see picture) if it is your first time of sending a message, and a chat window should appear

Copy and send “Vacancy Announcement: Application Form successfully submitted and social media task completed” (without the quotation marks please)

Type and send your full name also.