(1). Submission of Application Form (Expression of Interest) – (CLOSED)
Submission of Application Form has closed.


(2). Online Screening (Makeup test)

The makeup test has been set for those who:

– Missed the regular test (did not take it at all)

– Took the test on a wrong date (took the test but not on the right date)

– Experienced technical difficulties while attempting the test.

– Scored below 80 percent (in any of the trials or sections) or are dissatisfied with their performance. If you sat for the regular test and decide to take the makeup test, the test where you have scored higher will be recorded for you by the system.

So if you performed poorly in the makeup test, the system will retain your former score.

Kindly follow the procedure below to participate in the makeup test.

1). Check the schedule section (at the end of the page) and take note of the date for your test.
The schedule has been prepared using the first alphabet of each candidate’s
For example, if your surname is Gabriel or Harrison (G, H), then your test date falls on April 18, and if your surname is Abraham or Bello (A, B) then you are to take your test on April 15.

2). Set an event reminder/alarm on your phone or other device so that you do not miss the date.

3). On the date for your test, visit the Global Standard Tests Facebook Page and find the web link to the test among the posts. Do not post your name and email address on the wall or to the inbox.

4). Visit the web link you have found, read the instructions, get registered (or login) with your email address and full name, provided, and then proceed to take the test.
Test can be taken using a computer or good quality mobile phone at any time of the day as far as it is within the scheduled date.

1. The email address and full name to be used for this Stage Two should be the same with the one you used for Stage One. In case you mis-typed your email address in your application, you should use the correct one this time around but ensure to bring up the issue during the interview (if you are invited). Same applies to other mistakes.

2. The online test is open to all candidates that participated in Stage One – whether through creating Application Profile or submitting Application Form or both.

3. No candidate from Stage One has been disqualified at this point.
Be informed however, that not keeping to instructions will adversely affect your chances of success.

4. Candidates who have questions about this may refer to the SUSDEVI FAQ to find answers to their questions.

5. This guideline will be updated periodically, so it will be good that you make out time to revisit.



Alphabets — Date

A, B — April 15

C, D — April 16

E, F — April 17

G, H — April 18

I, J — April 19

K, L — April 20

M, N — April 22

O, P — April 23

Q, R — April 24

S, T — April 25

U, V — April 26

W, X — April 27

Y, Z — April 28


(3). Physical interview
Selected candidates from (2) are invited for physical interview.
Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted by SUSDEVI via email. Therefore, applicants who do not receive an invitation email for interview within 2 weeks after the closing of (2) should consider their application as unsuccessful.


(4). Notification of Selection/Training
Successful candidates are notified and role-specific training conductedby SUSDEVI.